Ultraviolet Treatment System
Helping Your Customers See The Light Is Easier Than Ever
Mold and bacteria can thrive in a variety of conditions and be easily spread throughout a home by the heating and cooling system.
Just as homeowners understand washing before eating, they’ll understand UV lights offer another line of defense that helps “wash” the air before breathing. After all, UV irradiation has been used by hospitals and restaurants for years to help disinfect and prevent the spread of germs.
So Why Would Homeowners Want A UV System?
Everyone is looking for energy savings. And more and more, homeowners are seeking ways to improve the air quality in their homes and protect their families from mold and allergens. They understand the need to kill germs, and that’s the primary function of UV systems. They provide a line of defense against germs and bacteria, just like washing or spraying a disinfectant on a countertop.
Yet it’s hard for many homeowners to understand what they can’t see, and they can’t see a UV light zap an allergen.
The use of ultraviolet light to zap the air and surfaces in rooms and buildings isn’t new. For decades, UV systems have been featured in:
• Hospitals • Restaurants • Nursing homes • Water treatment facilities • Manufacturing clean rooms
Ultraviolet treatment system is highly recommended for homes and families with:
• Children or elderly present • Concern for maintaining energy efficiency • Frequent cleaning of air conditioning ductwork • Use of antimicrobial products • A humid climate • Closed windows and dry climate in winter