Air Care specializes at Upholstery cleaning in DENVER. We are different because we use the best tools and deliver the best results. We know that many companies clean upholstery, however not all upholstery cleaning companies clean upholstery the same.

We deliver more than a surface clean; we do a deep cleaning with long lasting results.
Whether it’s a special family heirloom, couch, or loveseat, you can count on us. We are trained to clean natural and synthetic upholstery fibers, ranging from wool to polyester and everything in between. We are more than a upholstery cleaning Denver based company we are your local neighbor.


The first step that is taken by our Upholstery Cleaning Denver experts is a thorough inspection.  Not all upholstery fabrics are cleaned the same, the inspection is the first step in determining which fabric specific method will be used to clean your upholstery properly.

Step two performed by Air Care Cleaning experts is to thoroughly vacuum. We clean all fibers, including the back, underside and pillows. Upholstery cleaning may involve truck mounts and portables, high heat, low moisture, shampooing, dry cleaning or even hand washing.
We keep the heavy machinery out of your home pumped out into our truck mount. The dirty water and allergens leave your home when we do. Our upholstery cleaning expert won’t leave your home until you are 100% satisfied.