Due to the various fiber types and soiling levels, area rug cleaning can usually only be quoted on-site by one of our technicians. Rug cleaning involves a different cleaning process because area rugs are made of different fiber types than wall-to-wall carpet and must receive special care. You can trust us with any rug from your coffee table rug to your family heirloom. We are professionals and routinely clean hand woven, hand dyed rugs.
Area & Oriental Rugs that can not be cleaned on-site requiring a more intensive cleaning will be brought back to our facility. Rugs cleaned at our facility are treated with color stays and mild detergents then carefully hand washed. From food and juice stains to pet and urine odor, we can help you get your rugs the cleanest possible. Here they will undergo a complete restorative process.


DELICATE AREA RUG WASH – This is an extremely careful process, performed completely by hand from start to finish. Hand-controlled dusting, washing and rinsing. This process will protect color dye’s from bleeding and give you the maximum cleanliness with the utmost care. We suggest this process for your most delicate rugs and family heirlooms.
This process is used for more agile fabrics that undergo daily use, such as under coffee or dinner tables. Rugs are completely vacuumed and dusted. They then undergo a pre-treatment process followed by a deep extraction. Some area rugs can be cleaned on site and others may need to be taken back to our facility based on the soiling. This process will restore color and resiliency.
DUSTING OF AREA RUGS – This crucial process is done at our facility. It removes dust and allergens trapped in your rug prior to the cleaning and restoration process. The rug is hung and all dirt is removed via our special dusting process. This step is one of the most important parts of restoring your rug and maintaining a healthy breathing environment.